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    Roll Charisma: Moonlighters 7 - Don't Be Suspicious

    The gang is geared up and ready party, now they just need to get in and out with sh*t going sideways.

    Should be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

    What's Roll Charisma: Moonlighters?

    The Roll Charisma RPG Podcast  is our narrative RPG storytelling podcast, and Moonlighters is the current season.

    The story follows Koko and Janie, a quirky duo of millennial dumpster-fires working as fixers for hire in New York’s secret supernatural society.

    They’ve got big dreams, but they’ve also got bills to pay.

    So, if the price is right, you might find them under the Brooklyn bridge every now and then busting a cap in a werewolf's ass.

    It’s a lotta fun, you’re gonna love it.